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We are a


agency delivering unposed COSMIC stardust for your SOCIALS & REELS



You might be asking yourself this question...




Do you want to relive it straight away?

You'll be able to share a reel of your wedding magic with all of your friends, family & co-workers the very next day, rather than waiting up to six months for a 5min video they need to watch on their computers.

Do you love the raw and unguarded moments?

It's very difficult to feel natural with a number of large, professional cameras pointed at you. There's something so disarming about just a phone. We blend in to your wedding so that all of your guests feel the same.

Do you want your guests to remain fully present?

Let your guests remain in the moment, phones out of their faces, celebrating your love story, knowing you have someone dedicated to documenting the beauty and the chaos.


Do traditional wedding videos make you cringe?

You just want some fun, authentic, killer videos of real moments, on your phone, ready to share with the world in a way they will actually watch it... the very next day.


If you were screaming "YES, dammit!" to any of those questions, then allow us to introduce ourselves



In the vibrating heart of Shanghai, amidst its lively bars and neon lights, two souls from opposite ends of the earth laid eyes on one another...

After nearly a decade working at Stones of the Yarra Valley for Nadia and being awarded the number 1 wedding photographer in the state for Rick, it was time to combine our skills and start a team of wedding content creators... our Reel Queens.

Life should be lived with a spirit of adventure, loads of good conversation and a heart ready to celebrate others. Love your lover, make love under the stars let your heart feel risk, keep it WILD.

The Apricot Memoirs

Pricing & Packages

01 - Epic Romance


✓ 4-Hour Coverage

✓ One Crafted Reel delivered the next day.

✓ Complete Access to All Raw Footage delivered within 24 hours.

02 - Golden Hour Glow


✓ 6-Hour Coverage

✓ Two Crafted Reels. Highlights Reel delivered the next day.

✓ Complete Access to All Raw Footage delivered within 24 hours.

03 - Dance Floor Rendezvous


✓ 8-Hour Coverage

✓ Three Crafted Reels. Highlights Reel delivered the next day.

✓ Complete Access to All Raw Footage delivered within 24 hours.

✓ Complimentary Dance Moves

Add On: Full Ceremony Video in 4K

Don't miss out on being able to rewatch all the feels from the ceremony. We will record the whole thing in 4K with professional audio, and you'll be able to watch it on all of your devices including your smart TV.



We love it! How do we lock you in?

Upon submitting the booking form, you'll promptly receive an email from us with a personalised quote and contract to lock it all in and have us get started working on your day!

How will the content be delivered to me?

We'll send you a link within 24hours where you can download all the raw photos and videos we took throughout the day. We will also invite you as a collaborator to the reels we make so that you only have to press 'Accept' and leave the editing to us.

I can't afford a videographer but I REEEEALLY want my ceremony and or speeches captured in full. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have an extremely cost-effective optional add-on to provide the raw video of your full ceremony and speeches. We'll bring mics and lights so that you can always relive those precious moments that we will never get back.

My other vendors are worried about you getting in the way?

After a combined 18 years in the wedding industry, we know how photographers and videographers feel about people respecting their space to work. They're scared of someone being in all of their shots, phones in the air, causing mayhem, which is so understandable.

That's not what we're here to do. Think of us as ninjas with iPhones. We're deeply respectful of other vendors and all the wonderful guests, our goal is to blend in seamlessly. We'll dance with the day's rhythm and make our presence as stealthy as possible.

In fact, getting some behind-the-scenes videos of your other vendors in action is something they can benefit from too.

Ultimately, this is your day, and we're all here at your invitation because we each have something you value.

I've already secured A videographer. What additional value would you bring to the table?

We have the utmost respect for videographers! We've worked alongside them in admiration for 9 years. While they possess unparalleled expertise, content creation is a different niche with different goals.

The scope, style and deliverables will provide a different approach.

We specialize in capturing genuine moments through the lens of an iPhone, transforming everyday scenes into compelling RAW photo and video content. We deliver ready-to-upload BTS glimpses, naturally unposed within 24 hours.

Can we make specific request?

Got a fun reel idea you'd love to try? Hell yes! Let's do it! Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll take it from there.


Fill in the contact form below and let's make some magic together!